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free advice session

Make your community grow

As a web designer, I know that a website may not be enough if you don’t a have an online marketing strategy behind. Let’s talk 20 minutes about your project. At which stage are you? What are your goals through a webpage?

Tell me your problem, I’ll give you the tools you need.

You might feel familiar with this cases…

  • You want to sell your products/services through the internet and you don’t know how, or to whom
  • You want to attract clients that appreciate your work
  • You want people to recognize your brand
  • You are overwhelmed and confused with so many information about online marketing and online sells

Let’s have a little chat!

How do I schedule my Free Advice Session?

  1. I give you a form to complete and I ask you to be as accurate as possible with your answers
  2. I do an analysis of your case to know what I can help you with and within 48 hours you have an email where we schedule the meeting with the available dates.
  3. We make a video conference on Skype and we will talk about your project, then we decide if it is possible to start working together.

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