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Sustainable Web Design

Inspire · Sell · Connect through your website

With a website aimed to capture emails, you can engage better with your audience.

· Tell the world what you do

·  Show your products/services

· Offer them valuable content

· Reward your subscribers 

· Create your own community

Benefits of having your own site

You are the owner of your content

You have control of the design

You can reach your audience through search engines with SEO

You can attract more customers by offering valuable content

Here are 5 facts you must know about Web Design

1. Two-thirds of web usage is made through mobile devices.

Optimizing your website for mobile users will help you have a fewer bounce rate.

2. Google reach over 2.9 billion searches every day.

This means a huge opportunity to be found for the right customers if we use the right SEO and get an oriented site for your niche.

3. 47% Of users expect to load your website within 2 seconds.

Load speed is also a good thing to take in consideration when doing your website. If users don’t get to load your site in the expected time, you might be losing a lot of possible customers

4. On 70% of homepages, call to action buttons are missing.

This means that after a user gets to your homepage, they have fewer possibilities to make a conversion if they found nothing to do there.

5. Identifying your target demographics helps to increase your conversion rate.

To know your audience is one of the most essencial factors in your website design. Get to know better your potential customers, understand their behavior through Google Analytics.

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